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The Broom Graveyard

It is Fisher who discovers the Broom Graveyard, on a walk, before school…

F (pointing):  Daddy, look!
D:  What’s that, Fisher?
F:  That looks like a broom that, er, uh, that, uh, er, a witch was riding!
D (stopping the stroller to size it up):  Oh, Fisher, you might be right.  It looks like the witch’s broom ran out of juice when the witch was flying right overhead here.
C (pointing to several other palm fronds draped in the lower trees around):  Look!  More brooms!
D:  This must be where the witches leave their brooms when they are done, guys.  Do you want me to get one for you?
C/F:  NO!
D (surprised):  Why not?
C:  Because her magic will still be in it, Daddy!
D (wondering where that came from):  Oh, good point, Cory, you may be right.  Each broom might still remember its witch.

Pushing the stroller further along under the same trees, Daddy sees a palm frond lying on the ground and picks it up, using it to touch C and F lightly on the heads from behind.

C/F (laughing in mock terror):  NO, Daddy!  NO!
D (continuing to touch them):  Oo, oo, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!
C (laughing and getting out of stroller to escape):  No, Daddy!
F:  No, Daddy, STOP!  That witch of that broom will remember me!

The spot on our walk route is now known as the Broom Graveyard, haunted, dangerous, and fun…


Sandi Athanassiou

What a wonderful story! If I only were a writer, I would inspire myself from this to write and illustrate a children’s book.

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