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Top o’ the Morning to Ya, Ireland!

The twins prepare to take up their “warm water and pine cone” experiment on the patio (which involves a lot of mashing) when Daddy tells them that Ireland decided to do the right thing, to let two boys or two girls marry, and to be a nice, civilized country instead of a backward bunch of “meanie-heads.”

They understand perfectly, hug each other, hug Daddy, and run for their St. Patrick Day greens to celebrate!

Hold on…actually…

F: That’s good, Daddy. Nice countries are better than mean countries, right? Cory, I’ll go get more warm water.
C: Fisher, do you want to be the person who makes stuff for my class?
F: Okay.
C: I’ll be right inside teaching my class, and you could bring stuff in to my kids once you’ve made it, okay?
F: Okay.

Daddy smiles as Cory goes inside to her “classroom” and explains the situation to her “kids.” Not the historic victory. The fact that Fisher will make things for the class, which she will teach (with a firm hand, to no one’s surprise).

Daddy ponders whether to charge red-haired, fair-skinned, blue-eyed Cory — whose real first name (Corcoran) couldn’t get more Irish — with dropping her planned lessons to teach her “kids” that fundamental rights should never be put to a popular vote, because of the difficulty most people have in shrugging off their reptilian brains, but that when they ARE put to a popular vote, and the people do come through, and they do so by what appears to be such incredible margins, in a country so recently considered one of the most socially conservative in Europe, it’s perfectly okay to celebrate.

But, while Daddy ponders, Cory gets started. The detour toward world events would now interrupt a music lesson involving a maraca, a dance step, and “cha, cha, Cory-uh” chanted over and over. Daddy wouldn’t want her “kids” to miss that little descent into cult of personality.
Daddy’ll go give a quiet kiss to a still-sleeping Papa instead.

Top o’ the morning to ya, indeed, Ireland!

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