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Something Wild Ass

D: Cory, what was your favorite animal at the zoo?
C (grinning): The something wild ass.
D: Cory!
C (grinning bigger): Well, it was!
D: But, you aren’t in front of that enclosure anymore. 
C: Well, you asked me, Daddy, and the something wild aaaa…
D: Cory!

She laughs. The zoo has a few Somali wild asses. Since she was trying to read each of the signs and since there’s nothing wrong with the first meaning of “ass”, Daddy let her say it…as long as she was in front of that exhibit.

D: Fisher, what was your favorite?
F: I liked the seal lions. The ones swimming over our heads where you said it would be fun to take a nap.
D: It would be fun to take a nap there. Cory, besides the Somali wild ass, what was your favorite animal.
C: Well, I really liked the Somali wild ass.
D (switching to the “ignore” gear): Besides that…
C: Besides the Somali wild ass, I liked the one with the tongue, the one that you like.
D (ignore): The okapi?
C: Yah.
D: Okapis are cool.
F: It had a crazy tongue!
D: Yah, it kept trying to reach those leaves, but its neck wasn’t long enough and its tongue wasn’t long enough.
F: And it was purple!


C: Daddy, what color tongue does a Somali wild ass have?
D: I don’t know.
C (still trying for a rise out of Daddy): I wonder if a Somali wild ass has a purple tongue.
D: Me, too.
C: Because I didn’t see the Somali wild ass…(stumbling with the possessive)…tongue, so I don’t know if it’s purple.

The novelty will surely pass.