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Stunning Aragog

Ahead of the Halloween Carnival at their Hogwarts, Daddy presents Harry with new trademark glasses (he’d lost his) and Hermione with a time-twisting necklace (so she’d actually have some accessories).

Apparently, she gave the thing more than a couple, three twists before teaming back up with a much taller, shorter-haired Ron to cast a combined sleeping spell to make Aragog content with being on display for one more day…

Fisher Bug, At Your Service

The twins attend a Star Wars themed birthday party for the other set of boy-girl twins in first grade. The prior plan for afterward, to head to a movie theater, is chucked in favor of watching The Attack of the Clones at home. They’ve never made it past all the boring, badly-acted love scenes between Padme and Anakin. This time, they make it to the end.

C (stumbling to bed): Daddy, if I have call for you if I have bad dreams, will you come?
D: Always.
C: Thank you, Daddy.

An hour later, she calls out. Daddy goes, reconfigures the blankets, sweet nothings in her ear. Five minutes later, she calls out again.. Daddy goes, brings Cho-cho, the stuffed dog she’s had since birth, which she had left in their makeshift living room boat. Five minutes later, she calls out yet again.
Daddy goes…and disturbs Fisher.

F (sitting up groggy): What, Daddy?
D: Cory has need of your services.
F: What does she need?
D: She needs you to sleep with her.
F (smiling but not moving): Okay.

He still doesn’t move. Daddy struggles to pick up out of the top bunk. He’s getting too big to be manhandled like this. Daddy stretches him out next to Cory in the bottom bunk.

C (putting an arm around him, kissing him on the head): Thank you, Fisher. Thank you, Daddy.

Fisher doesn’t answer. He’s already back asleep, if he ever actually woke up. Daddy just leans over them to kiss her. She now has one arm around Cho-cho and another lying over Fisher, as Daddy leaves.

She doesn’t call out anymore.