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Giraffes and Light Savers

Questions during this morning’s debut (for the twins) of “The Empire Strikes Back”…

C: What does that say?
F: How does a “light saver” cut things?
C: Where’s Princess Leia?
F: Why did he cut that um, er, uh thing, Daddy? Isn’t that sad for that animal?
C: If I had a chance to go to the ice place or stay, I’d stay here. Would you, Daddy?
F: What kind of people are in those giraffes, good or bad?
C: Daddy, I have a good choice. If you had to fight Darth Vader or go to work, which would you choose?
F: Have you ever been to an asteroid, Daddy?
C: Why does Yoda look so gross?
F: Daddy, when you were Darth Vader at Halloween, did you think you could squeeze people’s breath out?

Papa takes over just as Luke leaves the “Day-Go-By System.”

Feeling for Komfort

F: Did they ask Cinder’s mom if he could, um, eh, er come live with us?

Daddy pauses and turns.

D: Well, Cinder’s mom…
F: Fitch-patrick?
D: Fitzpatrick is his dad. Komfort is his mom. She’s a dog. They couldn’t ask her.
F: So, they just took him away from her?
D: Yes. She raised him for three months, nursed him and cuddled him until he was ready to come…
F: But, does she miss him?
D: Probably, a little bit. But, she has a lot of other dogs and puppies around her at the kennel.
Fisher looks uncomfortable.
D: Remember that doggies grow up faster than people do.
F: But…but…but…he’s only just like one in people years. (Pause.) And they took him away from his mommy.
D: Well, kennel dogs have a good life, Fisher. Komfort is well cared for and has lots of dogs around to play with. Some of her brothers and sisters and cousins and aunts and uncles and even some of her kids.
F: But…not Cinder?
D: Not Cinder.

Fisher contemplates all this sadly.

A couple of hours later, at “lay down two minutes,” Cinder unwillingly settles down. Fisher and Cory lie next to Daddy. Fisher randomly wraps his arm around Daddy in the dark.

F (squeezing, urgent): I love you, Komfort.
D (…um…): …may be…I love you, too, Fisher…that we will never meet again…in this lifetime, so let me say before we part…so much of me is made…of what I learned from you…you’ll be with me, like a handprint on my heart…

Dreaming Small

Some kids dream big…

F (from the back seat on the way to school): Daddy, can I ask you something?
D: Of course.
F: Is it okay if I don’t want to be president?
D (laughing): Sure. Not everyone wants to be president.
F: Good.
D: Why don’t you want to be the president?
F: Because I’d have to get up so early. The president only sleeps like two hours a night or something. That’s not a lot of sleeping.
C: Yah, and the president has to be on TV all of the time, and he has to talk into a microphone all the time.

Daddy parks. Fisher holds Daddy’s ring finger. Cory walks on the other side.

D: Do you want to be the president, Cory?
C: No.
D: Why not?
C: Because I don’t want to be on TV all the time or talk in those microphones. And I don’t want to be in that competition.
D: In what competition?
C: With Mitt Romeney. I’d have to keep telling Mitt Romeney, no, everybody is not just rich like you, there are other people who aren’t rich. You should care about them, too.
D: Yah, I guess that would get old.
F: I don’t know why he doesn’t just care about everybody.
C (taking Daddy’s right hand): I just want to live with you and Papa and Fisher. (Pause.) And Boston and Quincy and Cinder.
F: Me, too.

…and others, not so much.