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Elsa Menzel

The drive back from Tahoe taking longer than expected, Papa and Daddy remotely set the Oscars to be taped, only because Idina Menzel is singing the kids’ favorite song live. Monday morning, after shaking off their sleep, Daddy asks if they want to see a surprise.

F: But, Daddy, she doesn’t look like Elsa.
D: Well, she’s not Elsa. Her name is Idina.
F: But, she has Elsa’s voice.
D: That’s right. She is the voice of Elsa.
F: Elsa’s not real?
C: Elsa is just in the movie.
F: She’s not real? Daddy, why she didn’t make any snow?

Daddy and Cory look at each other. They had seen the Demi Lovato video for “Let It Go.” And, Fisher just called her “that other girl” who can’t sing “as good as Elsa.” But, Elsa’s voice coming right out of Menzel’s body?

C: Fisher, Elsa’s not real. She’s only in the movie.


F: Daddy, is Cory right? Is Elsa not real, Daddy?
C: She’s just in the movie, Fisher.
F: Is Cory right?
D: Well, Elsa exists within the “Frozen” story, Fisher. But, she’s not a real person like you or me.


F: Is Anna for real? Or just in the movie, too?
D: She’s just in the movie with Elsa, Fisher. But, that’s okay. You can still like Elsa and Anna.

Fisher’s face looks troubled. Damn that Adele Dazim.