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Clean Bill of Health

The book in the waiting room before the check-up?  We found Waldo.
The gears on the wall toy?  They fought over them.
The eyesight, hearing, blood pressure, and pulse tests?  Flying colors.
The bug-and-bee gowns for them?  Um, how did they know?

The trains passing by right outside the window?  Location, location, location.
The up-with-people pediatrician?  High fives galore.
The wands, crowns, stickers, and suckers after it all?  A bit much.

But, the poor nurse who delivered one shot per arm per kid after the pediatrician and before the bit much?  No tears, but Cory gave this review:  Daddy, I didn’t like her so much.

Can I Just Stay Here?

At a breakfast that never happened…

D: Hey, guys, what did you dream about last night?
C: We didn’t dream about anything, Daddy.
D: Oh? Why not?
C: Because the conductor took us on a trip.
D: The conductor?
F: We just went on the Express to see the North Pole.
D (winking to self): Oh, I see. And how was that?
C: So super fun!
F: Good.
D (just playing along): Are you sure it took you to the North Pole? Was it the Polar Express?
C/F: Yes.
D (whatever): And were their elves there?
C: Actually, yes.
D (skeptical):  Really?  Come on!
F:  You are being silly, Daddy!
D (uh huh):  Were there reindeer?
C:  Of course.  And lots of snow and ice.

Cory and Fisher spin a good yarn, fleshing out the details of their overnight trip.

F: And Santa Claus, too, Daddy! We met him.
D: You met Santa Claus, too?! Get out of town!
F: Why you say get out of town, Daddy? You are being silly.
D (not believing): Why, Fisher? I believe you.

Later in that day that never happened, Daddy’s email chime, indicating receipt of new mail, sounds different, more like a bell. The incoming is from “S.C.” with subject line “Believe” with the picture above attached. No evidence of the conductor, elves, or reindeer, but certainly could be the North Pole…