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The Great Bead Caper

Every day at pickup from preschool, Fisher at some point digs a bead or two out of his pocket and presents it to Daddy:  “Here you go, Daddy. I got this for you.” 

So, not unexpected in a twin sister, Cory has become the “bead police.”  To avoid confrontation and to shake things up, Daddy plays her undercover asset one day…
F (handing larger than usual number of animal beads to Daddy):  Here, Daddy, I got these for you.

D:  Thanks, Fisher, but remember, we can’t take the school’s beads home every day. They belong to the school.

F:  No, Daddy, no. I just found these beads on the playground…so you can take them. I got them for you.
C (charging over):  No, Fisher, you can’t take those home!
F:  Yes, Daddy can.
C (pointing to a big bowl of animal beads sitting conspicuously on a shelf behind Daddy):  Daddy, he took them from that bowl.  He can’t…
D:  Fisher, did you get these beads from that bowl?
F (fidgeting):  No. I just found them in the sandbox.  So…
D:  Fisher, are you sure?
F (more fidgeting):  Yes. I got them for you.
D (winking at Cory):  Okay, Fisher, thank you so much.
C (staring at a winking Daddy, confused):  But…
D (still winking):  We can take them if you found them in the sandbox.
F (dancing away):  Okay. I love you.

As Fisher moves away and Cory looks on, Daddy quickly drops a couple of the beads back in the bowl.  Cory smiles and rubs her finger on the side of her mouth, Daddy’s trick dawning on her.  Fisher dances around Daddy, and whenever he’s looking the other way, Daddy fishes more beads out of his pocket and drops them in the bowl.  Cory keeps smiling.

Out of the building and heading toward the car, Fisher sings, “I sneaked beads out on Daddy! I sneaked beads out on Daddy!”  Cory knowingly catches Daddy’s eye once or twice, and Daddy says, “It’s snuck, not sneaked, Fisher” to Fisher while saying “Don’t say anything!” with his eyes to Cory, the co-conspirators smug as bugs in rugs…

…until Daddy sits down in car.  Um, what’s that in my back pocket?  Squirm, twist, hand in back pocket…um, more beads. Daddy smiles, Fisher’s trick dawning on him, removes hand from pocket, sans beads.

F (buckling his car seat belts):  I snuck beads out on Daddy!

He might have found them all on the playground…right?