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Reaching for Patience

A tired Cory doesn’t want to take a shower. Fisher has already taken his and sits quietly under a towel on the bed, watching as Daddy struggles to be nice to each of Cory’s…um…requests, all of them delivered in a…um…measured, polite, even, respectful indoor voice.

Cory continues rinsing the conditioner from her hair. Daddy starts through the bedroom to fetch her towel.

D (stopping at Fisher’s odd smile as he stares at Daddy): What, Fisher?
F (sing song): Nothing. (Pause.) Daddy, can I ask you a question?
D: Yes, of course.
F (still sing song): Is it hard taking care of us?


D (watching him closely): No, Fisher, not at all.
F: Oh.
D: Sometimes it’s easier to have patience. Sometimes it’s harder. But, that’s what I’m here for. I love taking care of you.

Pause. Daddy waits for his response.

F (just smiling): Okay, Daddy. Can we lay down two minutes now?
D (wondering what he’s really thinking, if he’s really thinking anything else at all): As soon as Cory finishes and as soon as you both get in your jammies. And brush your teeth. Only kids with clean gums can lay down two minutes with Daddy.
F: Thanks, Daddy.

The struggle for patience is less of a reach for the rest of the night.

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