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Vote Here

Daddy takes the twins to cast an in-person vote to punctuate the first ever nomination by a major political party of a woman for US President.

F (skipping down to the polling place, as predicted): Daddy, are we going to meet Hillary Clinton?
D: No, the candidates aren’t at the polling place. We just vote for them there.
C: Yah, it would take millions of dollars to meet Hillary Clinton.

Daddy laughs at her filtered-down, unintentional, last-gasp nod to those futilely still clinging to some sort of “Bern”. Moving to the back of the church-turned-polling-location, Daddy tries to explain the importance of voting.

F: Daddy, are we going to have to sing at voting?
D: Sing?
F: Yah. People normally sing at church.
D (smiling): Nope, there’s no singing while voting. It’s a pretty quiet process.
F: Oh. Good.

As another woman also casting her vote in person smiles over, Daddy whispers the kids through the selections, moving from local issues to state legislative offices, to the US Senate race (Kamala Harris!), and finally to Democratic nominee for US President (Hillary Clinton!). Between many others dropping off their ballots, the poll workers train their attention on the kids, who are most fascinated when one of the smiling workers takes the completed ballot from Daddy and slides it slowly out of the envelop into the ballot box. Whoa.

Fisher wants to stop back by home to put his ballot receipt and “I Voted” sticker in his “no touch” bin. (They each have a bin or drawer, the contents of which cannot be touched by the other.) Cory insists on taking her receipt and sticker to show her teacher.

All told, it’s a successful second “voting experience.” The first was filling out Papa’s ballot at home. The third will be most satisfying of all: voting for Clinton over the racist, sexist, unqualified buffoon in the fall…

…but Daddy digresses…

Something Wild Ass

D: Cory, what was your favorite animal at the zoo?
C (grinning): The something wild ass.
D: Cory!
C (grinning bigger): Well, it was!
D: But, you aren’t in front of that enclosure anymore. 
C: Well, you asked me, Daddy, and the something wild aaaa…
D: Cory!

She laughs. The zoo has a few Somali wild asses. Since she was trying to read each of the signs and since there’s nothing wrong with the first meaning of “ass”, Daddy let her say it…as long as she was in front of that exhibit.

D: Fisher, what was your favorite?
F: I liked the seal lions. The ones swimming over our heads where you said it would be fun to take a nap.
D: It would be fun to take a nap there. Cory, besides the Somali wild ass, what was your favorite animal.
C: Well, I really liked the Somali wild ass.
D (switching to the “ignore” gear): Besides that…
C: Besides the Somali wild ass, I liked the one with the tongue, the one that you like.
D (ignore): The okapi?
C: Yah.
D: Okapis are cool.
F: It had a crazy tongue!
D: Yah, it kept trying to reach those leaves, but its neck wasn’t long enough and its tongue wasn’t long enough.
F: And it was purple!


C: Daddy, what color tongue does a Somali wild ass have?
D: I don’t know.
C (still trying for a rise out of Daddy): I wonder if a Somali wild ass has a purple tongue.
D: Me, too.
C: Because I didn’t see the Somali wild ass…(stumbling with the possessive)…tongue, so I don’t know if it’s purple.

The novelty will surely pass.